Electronics for printer – RAMPS 1.4

I was out looking for more information on the Arduino MEGA and the RAMPS 1.4 system. I thought, at first, they were two separate systems. As it turns out they are the same system: RepRap Arduino MEGA Pololu Shield (RAMPS) PCB – this is good news; even better than before. As it also turns out I have a lot of experience working with Arduino systems from my past.

This makes a lot of the decisions very easy as I can find Arduino MEGA 2560s online from 49-58 fully assembled. I have also found unassembled ones for far less. This decreases a lot of the cost by being able to assemble them myself. I have almost everything I need.

I’ve included a few reference pages for the RAMPS system/kits. As I vet them fully I will either remove some or add to my notes in continuing entries.


And more information on preassembled and unassembled parts for the reprap series (http://reprap.com/wiki/Prusa_Buyers_Guide)


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