Day 12 – 10Jun12 and Day 13 – 11Jun12

These last two days have been filled with so much stress, which has translated to lethargic and fuzzy-headed.

I have either eaten well or virtually non-existent.

I have also not worked out.  It should’ve been the time to work out, but was more the stomach cramping, lethargy, and brain pain that I decided not to workout…  That gives me four days that I have not worked out…

So, how do I feel?  Worn out.  Most of that is due to stress, the rest is due to not working out and not eating entirely well.

Tomorrow, I will either workout with P90X2 or I will do 20-40 min on the elliptical.  I am leaning towards P90X2.  Then tomorrow I am planning not to have any coke.  I figure that I don’t have Coke when I’m at home, so why continue.  Now, I need to ensure that my stepson doesn’t add more than 1 cup of sugar to the pitcher of sweet tea.  I’d like to start cutting that out and only adding Stevia.  I really need to add more water to my consumption.

As for my plan so far I feel pretty well about it.  It isn’t dreadful and I’m making course corrections as they come up.  I have a goal in sight and those tiny course corrections are going to take me to my goal.

My personal trainer says I am the worst client she’s ever dealt with.  She has tried to fire me several times.

On another note, when I do P90X2, Tony Horton makes it look so easy to touch your knee to your elbow while in a pushup position… he doesn’t have the ginormous fat belly in the way… just sayin… Put on a fat suit Tony and then yell at me!

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