Day 20 – 18Jun12

I was missing salt this weekend and ate a bunch of bugles last night — they were yummy.

Today for food at work I brought:
2 snack bags of baby carrots
2 snack bags of almonds
1 cheese stick
1 V8
1 bag of grilled chicken
1 20oz Coke Zero
2 Gatorade
salmon salad
1 serving of bugles

I don’t remember what my start weight was this morning.  Last night it was 270.4 – I assume that is because I actually ate yesterday for the first time in a week I had more food than I’ve eaten most of the entire week.
I did P90x2 x2 core and feel fantastic. ive been drug down the last week and my body has been feeling blah. the bugles were for the salt..which tastes fantastic. Mypersonal trainer told me that the X2 core and plyo are full of mostly total body exercises so i can do those and be ok. so im just going to do those each day and thats it until p90x is over.
i weighed in tonight at 269.0

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