Day 65 – 1Aug12

So I wanted to see my progress.  I’ve not been as consistent as I have wanted to be with working out.  I’ve been a lot more consistent with eating healthier.

I’ve found that my schedule gets me messed up quite a bit and that I am going to have to workout in the mornings before I get up, because I don’t want to get out of bed.  I’ve been having a problem sleeping lately.  I think some of it has been sporadic workouts.  I’ve actually cut out most of my tea consumption to almost nothing and been drinking far more water during the entire day.  I have one 20oz coke in the morning (mostly b/c I hate coffee and the amount of sugar I have to put into coffee to be able to drink it is far more than the sugar in the coke — and there’s a lot more caffeine in the coffee than the coke) and the rest of the day is water, unless I workout at noon then I have a Gatorade.

I wasn’t feeling great the last two weeks, but this weekend I flushed my system and have felt much better.  My headaches are almost completely gone now.  I ate crappy twice in less than a week and I think that was enough to throw me off.  So, now I am sticking with foods I can pronounce all of the ingredients to…that includes cheese that may not actually be cheese, but melts wonderfully on nachos.

So, considering that in the last 13 days I’ve managed to get in only 2-3 workouts, I’ve been doing better.  If I don’t workout during the day I can’t sit still.  I have to move around constantly; if I do not then I get this feeling in my body that I just need to run it off or do some sort of zumba-flashdance workout while screaming…so yesterday I ran up and down the stairs in the office a few times and that helped a bit.

My breathing isn’t quite what I want it to be.  My trainer tells me there are some yoga breathing exercises that will help with that.  I keep telling my trainer that I need to go see a hypnotherapist; if only I knew one.

So, anyway, here are the following measurements after 65 days of changing my diet and exercising at least 2-3 times a week.  If you look at the navel measurement note that it is not measured by “sucking it in;” it was measured by “letting it go.”    If I suck in my belly I can get that number down to 46.5 without trying and 46 if I really try… you’ll notice that my navel measurement and my waist measurements are getting a lot closer together… woot!

I’m not disappointed by the weight measurement as the size is getting smaller.  That is more important to me.  I’m sure if I also worked out 2-3x a day like I want to I’d knock off a lot more weight and size.  I’d like to workout 2-3x a day, but my schedule isn’t accommodating at this time.

I can tell you that people have noticed my size getting smaller.  I was told at work that too many more days of p90x and I’d need to get a new wardrobe.

Which also brings up one other thing.  I’ve been doing P90X2 for the most part, but I’ve become very addicted to Insanity.  It kills me to do Insanity, but I absolutely love it.

13May12 7Jun12 31Jul12
weight 270 272 268
navel 49 48.5 47.75
waist 46.5 48 45
hips 54 52.5 NA
neck 18 17.5 NA

PS – Do not mistake my love for Insanity and P90X (and P90X2) as loving Tony Horton or Shaun-T — I hate them so.  One day, I would like the smaller me to be able to tell Tony Horton how much I don’t like him 😉

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