3D Printer comparisons, Google Glass, Leap Motion

In the last year I have reviewed a lot of 3D printers.  I have looked at variables from print deck sizes, speed of printing, quality of printing, number of printer heads, size of filament that can be used, and tens of tiny details.  My printer of choice is going to be the Printrbot Plus (http://printrbot.com/shop/plus/) it has an 8x8x8 print deck and prints 70mm/s (2.75in/s) and can print down to .1mm max resolution – which is very nice.  The overall cost 699.  I am very impressed with the ease of use, ease of build, and the size of the print deck.  I have not built one yet, but I have seen them being built and the results of the prints…and I must say that I am very very impressed and I cannot wait to have mine in hand…so I can print, a lot.

My son and I watched the Google Glass promotion.  My wife says she’s going to push me to enter the Google Glass contest so I can pay 1500 for a pair.  I can’t afford 1500, but she thinks that if I am selected she knows people that will pay for the pair and the flight to the launch ceremony.

I also love the Leap Motion and can’t wait to pick mine up at Best Buy soon.  I’m thinking about applying for the developer SDK so I can get one and develop an interactive IDE for Java development.  I’ve started designing in my head how it would work, I just need to make the ideas come alive on paper and figure out exactly how it would work.  At 70 bucks it’s well worth experimenting with.

I was also tuned into emotiv.  I haven’t looked much at it, but the possibility of adding an EEG to Leap Motion plus Google Glass and figuring out how to integrate them is rather exciting.

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