Stepper Motor and Arduino Motor Shield

I was moving along on the 3D scanner and I needed to wire up the stepper motor.  I bought this stepper motor #324 from – it seems to be a great motor.  I bought a motor stepper driver from sparkfun, but I never hooked it up, nor soldered the pins I needed to it.

You can see the A and B at the top left and the power (gnd +5V) on the lower left.  One of these days I’ll wire this one up.  I don’t have the schematics, but I’m sure they’re easy to find.

I have an Arduino Motor Shield.  As you can see below it’s mounted on my Arduino Mega 2560.

Wiring from left to right (B-, B+, A-, A+) I have red, yellow, green, brown.  This is technically incorrect.  It should be brown, green, yellow, red.  However, I wanted to get it to work… and it did just that.  It performed beautifully.  I pulled some code from here: pasted it in my Arduino IDE and uploaded.  It worked great.  In case you are thinking I knew what I was doing with the wire colors, I actually found the answer here:

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