I’ve had the skates for about 2 or 3 weeks now. I’ve bladed probably 5 times, maybe 6.  That seems like a low number to me.  I’ve exercised on the slideboard at least 4x weekly since finishing it.

I’ve found one park for skating that has relatively flat surfaces and in the .46 mi trail everyone can see me and I can see everyone.
I would like to blade in a bigger area (church parking lot, or abandoned subdivision) – ill make some calls tomorrow to see what I can make happen.
Mostly I need to shift my thought processes back to just stopping work on time for a midday workout.  The hardest part is being stressed out and knowing you’ll be better after the workout but being stressed enough that you feel like taking a break will mean you won’t finish the work on time.  The truth is, if you took the time to get away you’d probably finish everything faster as your head would be clear.

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