AVR programming on a Mac

I have done a lot of my work locally on WinXP running in Parallels.  I bought the book Make:AVR Programming which I cannot recommend more for anyone wanting to do AVR programming.  With that, I installed http://www.obdev.at/products/crosspack/index.html – and then his examples use make files to build and flash to the AVR.  I would like to see some other manner to do the make and flash, but it’s as simple as “make flash” and you’re done.

I need to do a review of this book – it truly is very well written.  10+ years looking at electronics and I finally understood the microcontrollers more than I did after these blog entries (http://holoprinter.blogspot.com/search/label/AVR) – https://newbiehack.com/ has some superb intro tutorials on programming AVRs and building a programmer for use with a USBTiny.

I’ll take some photos and put my notes up on my AVR programmer.  I did something a little different than newbiehack did.

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