Day 11 – trip to TN

It’s not actually Day 11, it’s actually closer to day 64.  I kept having false starts – I’d want to workout and do something, but I just didn’t feel like it.  In 64 days I’ve lost about 11 pounds – most of that in the last 11-20 days.

Saturday (after I fully hydrated from the workout known as moving – helped a friend) – I had dropped another pound.  I then had 2 cheat and rest days knowing that I would be here in TN for the week.  Not extreme – my cheats this time were mostly 2+ Cokes each day – I had some taco bell and a homemade burger and fries.  Usually I splurge on pizza, a lot of pizza. I was going to punch tony horton in the face with p90x3, but the hotel i’m staying in has floors that seem solid, but I make things move (and not necessarily b/c I’m 283 jumping) – so I’ll try Tony later.

I’ve done very well today – I didn’t eat breakfast on purpose – we ran out of carrots :(.  As soon as I landed I had a quarter of a breakfast bar so that my stomach wouldn’t be sick – then I had some massive protein and a little bit o carbs – for dinner I racked up 4 cups of iceberg salad with green peppers, and black olives – and about a tablespoon of ranch (you can’t just eat salad without anything – it’s yucky) — all to get some carbs in and settle before I bust some Tony Horton or PU, SU, dips, etc.  Also with dinner I had a half of a Coke.  The hell you say?!  Yeah, a half – and that’s all of the Coke I’ve had today.

I’m going to decide what my workout is for tonight then punch it and eat a couple of cheese sticks then relax with netflix and a language group later.

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