12 weeks and continuing where I left off

It’s time.  I fixed my stationary bike so the seat doesn’t hurt when I ride for an hour.  I replenished the vitamins I just ran out of.  Finally, I adjusted my workout space so I have mats for the floor.

I’ve noticed in 12 weeks that I’ve gone from feeling great to feeling bloated, crappy, and out of energy.

I haven’t fully figured out what I’m going to do for eating, but I’m leaning towards:

  1. drink three glasses of water (24oz total) 
  2. one hour later taking vitamins and eating breakfast
  3. eat lunch and dinner within 8 hours of breakfast
  4. not eat any more until the next breakfast
  5. drinking approx a gallon of water in a day
  6. < 2 cans of Coke to start, work down to none once omega3s and fish oil kick the brain back in to focus
  7. parallette work for about 5 mins every hour for a break – to be able to hold myself up
  8. 1 hour cardio in the morning – walking, biking, elliptical, jumprope, insanity, etc
  9. TRX at lunch
I still have the same goals as before:

  • Do a single pull-up
  • Lose weight and size – but secondary to the workouts and not the primary focus
  • Get to 260 pounds (from there I’ll adjust down)
  • NOT develop chicken legs.  I have watched a lot of videos about upper body competitions (Battle of the Bars, etc) and I see fully developed upper bodies, but really thin legs.
I have not met my original goals, yet:

  • Do one pull-up
I’ve been evaluating what I didn’t do to get to the weight loss goal I had set. 
  • I didn’t cut out as much Coke as I thought I could.  Now that I have the brain focus from the Omega-3 and Fish Oil I can wean off Coke again.
  • I adjusted my eating while working out and ran out of energy during workouts which made them painful (figuratively) to perform.  At one point I was eating less than 800 calories a day… not good for the energy, but I wasn’t hungry at all.
In order to drop the weight I want and increase my performance I need to:

  • Find my balance of food that keeps my energy up, and helps my focus (to replace caffeine and HFCS)
  • Get in full workouts (not stopping because I ran out of energy)
I know from analyzing my last 10 months of workouts, and blog entries that I have several factors I allow to stop my working out:
  • Losing brain focus and reverting back to Coke
  • Losing energy
  • Not seeing gains
I also know that if I can fix the first two those are the biggest part of my problem.  The third is fixed by doing cardio for about an 45min-hour (or 3 1/2 miles walking or more) and then TRX.  If I get in 2 hours of workout a day then in a couple of days I’m hungry all of the time.  At that point it’s a matter of keeping the food, I should eat, in stock.

In addition, if I stop working out my weight and size fluctuates up and down for about 10 weeks, but will essentially stay the same.  I weighed myself over the 12 weeks that I stopped working out and noticed that I stayed between 276 and 282 until about the last 2 weeks.  At that point, my body got bigger and my weight went up to 287… right back where I was 24 weeks ago… 24 weeks (almost a half year, wow).

My rest between “seasons” is over.  It’s time to kick it in again.  My kids want to build a Ninja Warrior gym in the backyard and I’ve always wanted to build a half pipe to blade on.  I’m leaning towards building the Ninja Warrior gym, you know for the kids.  I can’t do any of the exercises that require me to pick up my body with my arms so I’ll stick with the TRX for now.

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