W22D0 – BABC

I have not been doing so well with anything related to eating or working out.  I quit eating all candy stuff Sunday evening.  I was eating and craving a ton of chocolate, peanutbutter, and sweet tart chewy rolls… it was insane.  I have not had a soda since sept 24thish so I’m nearing 3 months without a soda.  I think if I have one that’ll be the end of me b/c I won’t stop.

I need to figure out how to get rid of this guilt that I have about Iraq.  I know what’s causing me to sabotage myself, now I just have to fix it.

In any case, this week, I’m doing 30 mins minimum on the stationary bike or 60 mins walking out at the track.  I’m eating closer to my calorie goal instead of eating nothing and then a ton of chocolate.  I’ve already seen my weight drop from 278.  I don’t actually weigh 278, I weigh closer to 268, but I’ve not been going regularly so things are a bit backed up.  Once that’s clear I’ll be back on track… shouldn’t be more than a day or two.

My goal is to push for the next 7 days b/c the kids are in ATL.  I am hoping that means I’ll drop back down to 268 or less.  I really want to push hard until feb 14th (or 16th I can’t remember right now) when it’ll be 2 years since I was at 297 (though I was at 29?something earlier this year) and I started kicking my ass on a regular basis to get in shape and lose weight.  I’d like to see 240 by February – I don’t think that’s realistic… I do think I could do it.  I’d be happy with 250.

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