chessboard and xelatex

I wanted a way to take my notes from various games and videos and put them into a book form so I could print it out and make a little booklet for myself.  I have a lot of handwritten notes.  I will always handwrite the notes first because it helps me remember them.  However, I’d like a more compact way to study when I’m out and about.  Enter xelatex.

I could write some html program that I could print games using stockfish or something else.  I decided I wanted an actual book format; so I’m going with xelatex and texstudio.

there are resources out there – and once you have texstudio configured for your machine the package for chessboard is installed.

it seems as though there are a lot of useful commands.  I found help with a basic example here (

maybe I’ll write up something more beneficial to others – this entry is just so if I run into trouble later I can look at this and remember what I was doing

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