Picovoice/Porcupine evaluation – that’s a no from me


For non-commercial purposes it seemed like it was quite the boon for my project. It took about an hour for me to figure out what I needed to do between a mac and linux machine. Not that it took an hour to figure out Porcupine – the demo video was 3 minutes! I wanted to reuse some non-blocking demo code in parallels Debian 9 and Mac and that took me about an hour including the 3 mins to hook up a new Debian install and get it setup snapshot etc.

So first, Porcupine is exceptional. When you create your ppn file – you get a warning that this is only to be used in non-commercial applications. Ok, no problem.  However, when you fire it up you get a notice that you now have 89 days left to evaluate the product.

No. I’m out. I’m not evaluating a product for 89 days. I’m going back to pocketsphinx. Your product was easy to setup. 3 mins and I can do work with it pretty much immediately. I like the non-blocking aspect. However, I’ve used CMU Sphinx products for FREE for many years. I’m certainly not going to start after an hour and get wired in your product and in 89 days have to rip it out.

Sorry, that’s a no.  Maybe figure out some other way to get people to use it.  The site shows cost effective at the bottom. Nowhere in any demos or anything does it mention anything about cost. Probably a good thing because the speed to use was easy. But that makes me think that it’s not worth it to pay for because I’d have to pay for number of devices and all of that.

No. I’m out.

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