SERINDA – update

As with all projects, I start to get burnt out after things don’t go as planned and I start spinning my wheels.  That’s why this project has taken so long to work on.  I run into limitations on hardware, software, linking the two, and so on.  Or I get sidetracked.  I want to be working on code and instead, I’ve hit a roadblock with hardware and now I’m learning about how to install some server tools I didn’t want to know about in the first place.  I’m not complaining, just frustrated.  It’s been a long road.  I’m close to where I want to be and I’ve hit a couple roadblocks that I’d like to see cleared and I wish someone with more working knowledge of them was clearing them so I could focus on other parts.

Current roadblocks:
– opencv4nodejs – the camera isn’t being released when the socket is done so it errors out
– opencv4nodejs – I can’t load multiple cameras at one time, yet – due to the limitation above.
– my HUD faceplate is still lost somewhere in delivery – I’m guessing it’s just lost. so it’s not coming. Sunday I’ll contact Amazon and they’ll do whatever they do since it’ll be 4 days late.
– Windows WSL Ubuntu doesn’t support cameras so I’ve ordered a LattePanda that I’ll boot Ubuntu on and just run it like a Raspberry Pi and hopefully that solves that problem… plus it’s portable – and I’ll have an HDMI viewscreen for the HUD whenever that finally comes in
– Angular 6 MEAN stack is currently being a pain with my ajax calls so I haven’t transferred any of my current work over to the new stack so I can quit development in JS and go to full TypeScript development.  This also means I have more flexibility in the works I import as there are more plugins written in TypeScript that I can use.

These are just the ones I can think of right now.  And outside of doing some simple image manipulation that means that I’m not advancing any plugin work – like not adding any filters “ok bob add blue filter” or “ok bob turn on grid over video 2” or “ok bob scan barcode” which I had hoped to be doing by now.  Instead, I’m working on building Angular 6 and figuring out routing.  And rewriting some code that was meant to be standalone so that it’s a Camera class so it can be released when the camera is done.  I’ve even tried running some Python OpenCV code via node – that did not work like I thought it would.

So, I’ll keep trudging along with these items.  I am going to make a docker eventually.  For now, though, I’ll fix the Angular build so it builds completely with all of the information it needs.  Then I’ll start with a plugin framework (if there isn’t one out there).  Finally, I’ll start integrating my code all over again, but with the new framework.  I’ve already got my proof of concept.  I need to make sure it’s right.

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