SERINDA – another success

Another two sets of successes today.

The first is Windows installation of the Angular 6 MEAN stack version.  Simple installation steps are listed on the npm page here.

  • I deleted my node_modules directory
  • installed cmake from here (the windows msi)
  • npm install –global windows-build-tools
  • npm install

Everything ran perfect – there were some audit warnings that I’m ignoring since this is running locally.  I’ll eventually go back and fix those, probably not anytime soon.

The second success is that I fixed the “find Waldo” example.

I was attempting to import my javascript file as:

import { Helpers } from 'path to file';

when I really needed to do this:

import * as helpers from 'path to file';

I did not need to add the script to the angular.json file.

Next up is working on the plugin portion and more opencv ports.

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