I didn’t realize it’d been this long since I’ve blogged, vlogged, or other.  I’ve just been doing my own thing.

It’s been just over 30 weeks (213 days) since I’ve last blogged.  And nearly a year (Memorial Day last year 339 days ago) that I weighed the most I’ve ever weighed at 331 pounds.  October was when I dropped down to 288 pounds.

I hovered in that range and down to 280 for a bit, but mostly around 288 to 293 or so for the last 30 weeks.

Two months ago I weighed 295 pounds.  Today I weigh 273.  I’ve not done much different with my life.  I just have more drive.  I workout five days a week and no more than 2 hours each (1 hour on a bike at a slow to moderate pace while on conference calls and no more than 1 hour of strength – TRX on specific routines I’ve done and documented in many past posts).  My eating is pretty much salad, water, and I don’t watch calories.  I just kind of eat when I feel like it and I don’t eat a lot.  Which really means I eat once a day and that’s it.  I’m not hungry the rest of the time.

Here are my measurements over the last year.  I could not pull my leg onto my other leg at all.  Like a figure-4.  I can now.  Total weight loss so far from Memorial Day 2018 to today is 58 pounds and I drop size faster than weight these days, which is to be expected.
apr 17 2018 – apr 29 2019 waist – 49 – 41.25 = 7.75″ butt/hips – 54.5 – 45.5 = 9″ chest – 43 – 39 = 4″ thighs – 31 – 27.25 = 3.75″ apr 17 – apr 29 2018 I weighed between 315 and 320 may 1, 2019 I weigh 273

imagine having pants that were tight and you couldn’t put a belt on and losing 9″ off your butt and hips and almost 8″ off your waist and now have to wear a belt because those pants and shorts you bought would just fall off? It’s a very exciting and confident feeling.

it’s also very nice, even at 273, which I weighed in spring 2010, to be the smallest size I’ve been even before that time. That means that I’m able to wear clothes now, that I had for a smaller me when I weighed like 253-260. That brings up ones confidence level quite a bit.

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