Vlogs – releases, planners, and new site

Not too bad, so far. I’ve been working to make a release daily. I missed yesterdays – however, I got yesterdays up today. I’ll get tomorrow and today’s up tomorrow. I’ve got a better handle on next week. I’ve been working hard on this LARC project – to get telemetry for a rocket and control descent so it’s eaten into my vlog time.

The process is much more refined now that I’ve been recording them. I have a few more optimizations to make to the workflow and the filming setup indoors. All-in-all I’m about 80% happy with the videos so far.

My vlog checklists are nearly done. I’ll release all of those at the same time. I’m also improving my planners. I designed my own. I’m refining it and when it’s released I’ll let everyone know. It crosses Bullet Journaling, Panda Planner, a Phoenx Journal, and Possimistic Planner into my own flavor that I use. I like it so far. I print the pages and then use them and whatever I don’t use or need to move I refine and print another set of pages to use for the next testing phase.

I’ve also got work on a new site. It’s pretty cool. I can’t tell you what it does, yet. However, I will tell you it’ll revolutionize how you plan your days and tasks/checklists.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the second part of the Vashi project video and Thinking Thursday release. Thinking Thursday will be about my method for remembering playing cards and numbers.

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