The tOLED, IcyMike, Workout progress

The tOLED I ordered for the HUD/HMD is in and I’m excited to use it. I’ll be using the LattePanda for this because I want it to be portable. I haven’t decided exactly how I’m going to use it yet. I have some ideas that I’ve just not refined. It will be a ReactJS and ReactNative app – whether I use React Native Web or not is to be determined and that’s what I really mean. The tOLED I hope to be able to get to this weekend. We’ll see. I would really like to define those goals a bit more for the tOLED and how it would work with SERINDA. I kind of outlined that in the previous blog I just don’t know all of the details like am I going to utilize only the tOLED and a computer with screen display? am I going to utilize the tOLED and a phone for some of the AR/MR work? I don’t know yet.

I found another channel to watch their vlog style. You’ve really seen my channel have more tutorials and since most of my tutorials are about computer stuff or things I can work on or display at my desk there’s not been a lot of movement. That’s changing. This week is a lot more Osmo Mobile 3 use. I love the Osmo Mobile 3. I can’t wait for FilmicPro to catch up with their update so I can use them both together. Right now, I have to choose between the Osmo app or FilmicPro which means I am either using the gimbal or I’m using a selfie stick. I don’t like to have to choose like that.

Back to the channel. The channel is Hard2Hurt with IcyMike. His vlog/tutorials are very well filmed and edited. You can check them out here I will tell you, in advance, there’s some strong language. It doesn’t bother me, it might bother some of you. He does an excellent job at his tutorials. He gives a little intro, gets straight to the point, there’s some fun stuff in there, and then the outro. Perfect.

Finally, my workout progress. I am a planner. I like to plan everything out and have a route to go with everything in my life. My brain gets too scrambled to keep everything in order a lot of the time. Therefore I have lists of lists. That seems to be my procrastination technique. I make lists so I don’t get to the work I need to do. I don’t think it’s a conscious thing. It’s that I know so much about so many things I don’t want to mess it up. Here’s what I’ve done instead. I know what exercises I want to perform. I know what I want to accomplish because I wrote it down. I didn’t make an extravagant set of goals. I made a few goals to accomplish what I want. In the interim while I’m making sure I have all of the pieces I want in place I’m just doing the basic exercises I know I want to improve like pushups, grip strength, back strength (especially lower back), and a couple others. I am doing those while I plan. I think that’s ok to do because I’m doing something instead of waiting another week and going “man I could’ve been doing something.” It also means that I’m building some strength slowly and getting my body prepared for the next phases while I plan those phases.

The main 3 goals for the next 30 days are: Lose between 25 and 35 pounds (11-15kg or 1.75-2.5st), a minimum of 21 workouts, and complete the LUCAS core module for production (which is used in LARC and GardeNet). That’s it. Those are my goals for the month.

Here’s why I think those goals are attainable. This first week of my workouts I’ll drop about 15-20 pounds. A lot of that is water weight since I won’t have salt to retain water. I’ll also drop weight from my body not having sugars (and salt) all of the time (like Coke or Dr Pepper). My body will also adjust to not having so many “rush meals” like on my way to some event stopping to get something to eat because I have that pretty well planned out. My body may suffer a bit this next two weeks because I’ll be eating primarily potatoes and adding some veggies and chicken or fish… mostly potatoes and veggies. You’d have to read other blogs I have on the “potato diet” and Ray Cronise work. The goal is to lose weight. I’ll also be fasting for 16+ hours a day which I have a video about that from here where Dr Rhonda Patrick lays out some research. I don’t normally eat breakfast and lunch unless I hit the Coke more regularly. I’ve not eaten breakfast and lunch for like 20+ years. I would have Coke, but not real food. Now I’m narrowing that down. I’ve quit Coke twice before and found it very rewarding. I love Coke though and have for 27 years or more. The point is, I know I’ll have some suffering with my body this first couple weeks until I ramp up the nutrition again at the end of 2 weeks where I add more veggies and meats. I really like plant-based eating more and adding meat is fine because I love eating…. well I’m not going to finish that sentence. I’m also documenting workouts and food in a summary at the end of the day. So next Wednesday I’ll have a Workout Wednesday update. The rest of the weight will fall once I get that first couple weeks conditioning out of the way. Nothing too stressful just enough to tax my system and provide resistance that my body will grow. I’ll also point out that I want my body to be functional and not doing one thing. For that I mean I want to utilize as much of my current weight for exercises even if I have to modify the exercise until I get to the full exercise – such as rows instead of pull ups and angling the rows to get harder as I go until I can do a pull up. And using some tips from Simonster on better pushups and intro to the planche.

The next part, the workouts. I have planned between 2-3 hours of workout. That’s including some yoga, stretching, meditation, and regular workouts. Again, taking it easy and not taxing too much I’ll be doing those. A lot of that time is yoga, stretching, and meditation. I have some items I want to do daily that are building up some muscle but not to muscle failure. That way I can get better at my TRX incline pushup, build my core with planks, getting my push up numbers up, and more. I’ve scheduled this so it’s not going to kill me daily and I’ll get a lot of benefits.

Finally, the LUCAS module. This has been 75% done for years. What I’m doing now is I have a plan for finishing it off to it’s own standalone project then building on that for the LARC project and building on that for GardeNet. Each piece is separate and builds on that LUCAS core module. I have this scheduled so that, again, it’s not taxing my entire system by trying to be mentally exhausted at the end. There are defined goals set that I can reach and I’ve outlined all of the parts needed and steps to take for each phase.

Limiting my goals to only these three items, (I’ll also work on the CED project, studying Cherokee, and memorization work), I have clear goals to accomplish that I’m focused on and not switching between projects so much that I don’t finish any. That was a lot of words and I hope it made sense.

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