Newest Screenplay – extending the process

Osiyo, dohiju? Hey, welcome back.

I said in a previous post that I’d take you through my process of writing. I told you about an idea I had about an IT staff at a downsized company. I also told you what actors I envisioned being in it. Now, those actors may not work the film – their acting style is what I’m looking for in the character. Many actors have a “stereotype” that they work with. Bob Newhart is famous for the way he handles situations like in his standup and his show Newhart.

I need to fully realize each character before I do any writing. Before that, however, I’ll work on a plot or story elements that intrigue me. These include, what kinds of things do I want to see happen? Or if I were in that position what types of people have I worked with and what kinds of things have they done in the IT world? My initial direction is the main character that has no control over what everyone else is doing. They think they’ve made it clear what they want to do and others misinterpret those thoughts and do their own thing either to impress the main character or because they think that their move is the correct one. All of these things amp up the tension and create funny situations or even situations where you’re like “holy crap I’d punch that character for doing that.”

These are situations that most everyone can relate to. Take the movie Sex Tape when they meet up with Rob Lowe. Rob Lowe’s character is seen as wholesome along with his company. When they visit his house they see how not wholesome he really is and how relatable he is. The tension in this scene escalates as one main character finds out that she’s not as wholesome either and the husband is searching the house for the iPad. The whole scene is pretty long and hilarious as the ante is upped and danger ensues and the situation goes from simple – getting the iPad – to more complex in surviving the house. This is one of the longest scenes in the movie and, I think, the funniest.

I have plot points and elements that need to happen at specific times or places in the script. My work now is to take the plot that I have and figure out the ending, figure out what elements amp up the tension through the script. The final post of this series will include the PDF I use for laying out these points. At this point, however, my goal is to figure out some major funny moments I’d like to see in a movie. To do this I’ll ask myself a bunch of questions like: what is the craziest thing that I would experience at work that will never happen? What are the craziest thing that I have experienced at work? What kinds of coworkers have I experienced? How can I take these items and make them the most tense and hilarious? There are more questions, we’ll start with these.

Until next time, dodadagohvi.

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