W405 workout and writing more

I’ve been working pretty hard on getting the next blog entry ready for screenwriting. I’m taking my time to make sure I have all of the outline complete. Between working on the posts, I’ve been working on my workouts.

I’m going to outline my entire workout here with food.

5am to 6am I wakeup and begin stretching. I incorporate mindful meditation at this point from Centr and my own confidence and self-assurance meditation. If I have to take a kid to another school I do that about 6:30 and the day is a little different, but not much.

6:30am I get a kid up and he gets ready for school. I continue meditation and stretching. Mostly meditation and calming my mind for the day.

7am the kiddo gets on the bus and I login to work and check emails, make sure things are on track for the day and check my planner for what’s coming up. I then start my first routine listed below as “Workout A.” I take my allergy medications and drink 16 ounces of water. Then I go start work.

8am I do the next set of my routine. They only take 10 minutes or less. I have to urinate every hour or so. When that happens I urinate, drink 16 ounces of water and do the routine.

This continues until about 10am when I ride my bike for about 30 minutes while on conference calls or I’m running processes that take a while.

I don’t eat until after noon – usually 1pm.

2pm I stop drinking water. I get in one more miniworkout.

3:45pm I leave to get one kid at a distant school. I return in time to pick up the other kid from tutoring at 5pm.

5pm – at this point, the days are different – sometimes there’s an after school event that I have to take someone too. Usually, I do another mini workout and if I can I ride for another 30 minutes while watching a TV show. Sometimes I am able to get in some more work at this time.

6pm – usually dinner. I am only eating potatoes. If I’ve pushed pretty hard for the day and feeling it (not sore, I just know I’ve pushed hard) I’ll have a vegan protein shake I like. It’s just a choice not because I’m vegan. I’ll sometimes eat something like air fried brussels sprouts or a small bit of fish. I don’t usually eat much here.

8pm – the kid is off to bed. I then spend about 10 minutes planning my next day and making sure of what I need to do so I can contact kids and let them know details. I take my final daily meds for the day and relax at this point unless I’m spending time watching tv or talking with a friend.

9pm – most days I’m in bed by now reading and writing on either my blog or my next screenplay. I always write the first draft by hand. I always have. If I’m editing I have a hardcopy and I’ll edit it and make notes.

10pm – I’m usually asleep by now.

I didn’t include most of what I do during the day. I really wanted to focus on the workout and eating. I can eat as many potatoes as I want during the day. I can’t take anything away like the skin. I can’t add anything like butter, salt, pepper, sour cream, cheese, etc. Just potatoes. I drink about 10-14 glasses (8oz each) of water a day.

This will continue for the next couple weeks until the 25th of January. At that point, I’ll change my diet. I’ll have 2 weeks of a base and 2 weeks of this workout I’m doing. This is a short term workout set. I have a lot of fat to burn and it’s going to take me about 16 weeks total to lose a lot of it. My days are quite busy with work, kids, friends, and writing.

My current workout “Workout A”:
Hanging leg raise – unweighted – 8-12
yoga ball crunches – weighted – 8-12
horizontal wood chop – I lay on the yoga ball and lift one weight straight out then rotate left and right – 8-12
russian twist – with weight – 8-12
decline weighted situp – I put my feet on a chair with weight and legs over the ball then I use a small amount of weight and do situps – 8-12
TRX Triceps – 8-12
TRX Squat – 8-12
Standing shoulder press – weighted – 8-12
lateral raise – weighted – 8-12 – I hold on to the trx and lean out
front raise – weighted – 8-12
standing leaning one arm row – weighted – 8-12
TRX Row – 8-12
barbell press on yoga ball – weighted – 8-12
chest fly – weighted – 8-12
chest press TRX – 8-12

Some days I wear a 50# weighted vest and I’ll also walk with weights in my hand doing walking lunges and reverse lunges.

That’s it. I take them slow and yet they still only take about 10 minutes. I’m still able to get in 8 hours of work and these exercises take up my “lunch” break. I do 5-7 sets depending on the day and how I feel. Sometimes I push pretty hard and 5 is the most. I have yet to be sore at the end of the day or the next day. So even though I’m pushing hard I’m still pushing about 75%.

On the 25th I’ll adjust my workout routine. I’m planning the ab workout at one time, 60 minute bike ride, and then alternating upper and lower each day. I’ll push hard all at once instead of every hour. That means I’m going to attempt to get in all of my workout before work. 3 sets 8-15 reps pushing hard. My diet will change to more protein and salad based still in a calorie deficit but increasing the protein so I hopefully don’t lose muscle at the same time.

I’m doing measurements every Sunday. I take photos every day. I just work hard to get to the next checkpoint with the overall first goal being the 15th of February and the 2nd goal to go 16 weeks without processed anything or extra sugars.

As of today, I’m down a few pounds – and a half inch smaller on chest, waist, hips, and thighs (each). Total loss, so far, 23 pounds since the 27th of December.

Now that my body is finally in the declination phase my weight will drop rapidly from here going from 2+ pounds a day and eventually slowing to a half to a full pound a day. It takes about 3 days for my body to quit craving sugar and then hit the point I want. If I stick to my plan I’ll lose more weight. If I step outside the plan, and say have a Coke once a day, then i’ll lose weight slower. Still a calorie deficit, just a slower loss. If I stick with potatoes only, I’ll drop 20 pounds in the next week or week and a half or so. I can still do weights because of the excess of fat I have (that means I’m really fat, not I have a little fat I want to get rid of).

Let’s see where the next week brings me. My prediction is I’ll be about 269 by next Friday – which is 12 pounds. That puts me 22 days from my goal date and 20 pounds to go. Totally doable.

I’ve been taking photos each day for comparison. After 15Feb I’ll post those pictures – maybe first and last, maybe the weekly ones. Idk. I’ll have them from every day, but you won’t really see the big change except beginning and end. It’s way too early to think so I’m going to stop and start my workout.

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