The Speckled Goddess Old Fashioned Drink Recipe

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Finished drink

I’ve only made a couple Old Fashioned’s for a friend. They seem to like this recipe I’ve come up with based on a lot of YouTube watching.

1.5 oz Buffalo Trace Whiskey
1 oz simple sugars
3 shakes of aromatic bitters
3 shakes of orange bitters
3 shakes of chocolate butters
1 giant ice cube
1 sliver of orange peel
1 cherry if desired

Frost glasses in freezer. Combine ingredients in a shaker without ice. Use a torch to smoke the glass. Add a giant ice cube to the glass and pour ingredients in. Slice an orange rind and twist into glass then rub the orange peel around the rim of the glass and drop into drink. Add a cherry for garnish if desired.

The longer explanation:
I have giant cube ice that is about 1.5 – 2 inches in size as well as round ice about the same size. To pre-frost the glasses I spritz them with water inside and out then place them in the freezer until they, well, frost.

When I’m ready to make the drink I take the mixer and put the ingredients in it. I slice off some orange rind and pop an ice cube out of the tray and leave it sitting on top. I don’t want the ice cube melting much before I make the drink. I take the bowl with apple wood chips (I also have cherry wood chips I could use) and get the lighter and chips ready. I take the glass out of the freezer and hold it upside down over the chips then use the torch to start lighting chips so they smoke. I billow a lot of smoke into the glass before setting it down on the wood chips.

I get the giant ice cube out of the freezer, flip the glass right side up and put the cube in then cover the glass with my hand or a coaster. I shake the ingredients just a bit and pour them over the ice cube then twist the orange peel over the top of the drink. I then rub the rim of the glass with the orange rind and drop it in. I drop one cherry in and serve.

My next experiment with this drink is to shave some chocolate to make almost a small powder and mix in some in the ice cube and the drink and see how that tastes.

Notes: I use a torch because a regular flame doesn’t want to light the chips as well. I don’t put ice into the shaker to mix up. I mix it the way it is and then pour it over the ice cube. You can put ice into the shaker and mix it up if you want. I’ve also put ice in the shaker and mixed it up then put the shaker in the freezer for a few moments while I smoke the glass. The way I do it now seems to be a little more efficient and either way doesn’t diminish the flavor.

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