Serinda V2 Update

Osiyo. Dohiju? Hey, welcome back.

I’m waiting on 2 more USB cameras so I can test more displays. As it stands right now the Raspberry Pi Buster has issues with a picam and a usb cam so I’ll probably have to switch over to the LattePanda to run portable.

I went through my original SERINDA note book and started pulling out plugin ideas. I think the hardest one is going to be AR/MR/XR functionality. Not because it’s difficult but because it requires specific browsers. Right now, I can do some items with AR.js in the browser and that’s fine. What I want, however, is to marry AR/MR/XR with the OpenCV side and then when it’s displayed on the page it’s merged. Idk that anyone has done it this way before and that’s what was slowing me down before when I thought I’d just go ahead and work on an Android app.

There are so many aspects I need to look into integrating. I think integrating NLP/NLU and then deep learning is more important. I’m going to try SNIPS NLU and see how that goes. The idea is to be able to say whatever and then it gather the intent and return what I’m looking for. An example would be “What is the weather today?” would return the intent “showWeather in #city” or something along those lines. I haven’t fully decided on Tensorflow and Keras or PyTorch. I’m considering making an interface that I could plug either one in. At the same time I’ve used Tensorflow and Keras before with OpenCV. It’s how I trained and cataloged road signs so the program would recognize a road sign then use Tesseract to parse the words and then speak them to me in near real time. A lot of signs at once would bog it down and cause issues but most of the time it did well. Since I’ve got so much code in Keras I will more than likely use it.

As I mentioned before there are a lot of “little” plugins to create like streaming Tesseract OCR, uploading a file for OCR, object recognition. I’ve already mentioned them in a past post so I’m not going to continue here. I did get JPype to work using Groovy classes. I know I can quickly write code in Groovy so I just wanted a way that I could use a Groovy DSL or quick Groovy code should the need arise.

I am insanely happy with the progress. It has a long way to go. I can’t wait to release the first iteration so others can try it out.

Until next time. Dodadagohvi.

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