Osiyo. Dohiju? Hey, welcome back.

One of the cool elements of having worked on this idea for so long is that you have a lot of resources that have influenced your work. Such as Minority Report and Continuum. They, arguably, have some of the best HUD work and interactivity for their systems. When I first watched Continuum I thought maybe the locations on her suit were like touchscreens. And that’s cool tech. What if you had the same interactivity (not the same features obviously) with MR?

You hold up your arm while looking at it and a display appears near the wrist that you can interact with or view certain data. This data would be data that you could know but isn’t intrusive. Such as messages on an AppleWatch. You look down at your leg and an interactive panel opens that you can type on and send messages. You could do this in the air as well, but what if you wanted to be discreet? Or like an AppleWatch you wanted to take a photo you could tap the picture icon on your leg view and do just that. Scrolling Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, whatever is a matter of defining a place to view – such as your arm, or in the HUD you see it ahead of you. Your choice and configurable These are just a few elements of what I will accomplish in some form.

If you get the chance to watch Continuum or search for the HUD that they have in the show. I think it was well designed and laid out.

Here are two links to some of the HUD images. Saji8k and UI Narrative. Both great sites.

Until next time. Dodadagohvi.

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