Day 1

I didn’t weigh myself this morning, but I’m confident in saying that I’m between 270 and 275, probably closer to the 275, as that’s the weight I’ve been for the last couple of years. It doesn’t really go up nor down past either variable for very long.

I had a small bar for breakfast, I don’t even know what it was since it wasn’t satisfying.
I had one 20oz of Coke – I should just stop, but cold Coke… really?
I had no lunch as I forgot my chicken in my backpack.
I did have 2 fiber pills about 10 am
I had some sort of cleanse (20 drops) and some water

I am unable to have caffeine after 2pm (holy crap this sucks).

I’m extremely hungry and very cranky right now. I want to eat a lot and have some caffeine.

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