Day 3 – April 4, 2012

I’ve been limiting myself to one 20oz of Coke a day. I get it when I first get to the office at 7:30-8. (The pop machine makes it nearly freezing and it’s still very cold when I finish it about 13:30). I ate a sandwich today that my hot personal trainer made for me. It was supposed to be my lunch, but I ate it for breakfast. I don’t like being around people I don’t know in public places – especially when that public place reminds me of the HS cafeteria. Then for lunch I ate the breakfast granola bar. I had an orange for a snack (which my hot personal trainer cut for me and put into a ziploc baggie… yeah she’s hot). I have had another 32 oz of H2O (and one 1/2 glasses of tea) or so since 13:30ish when I finished my Coke. Dinner was some taco noodle stuff, almost no cheese at all and a small piece of chicken (4oz or so).

My workout for the day was a 15 minute set on the elliptical with varying degrees of resistance and intensity. For example, I started with a lower resistance for 2 minutes then moved up resistance and intensity for 2 minutes then moved up again for one minute to the max. Then, varying times I move back down and up on resistance and intensity. At the end, I stretched.

My legs were slightly jello, but more than that, this lack of Coke has meant that I lose a lot of the “energy” I had after the workout. I know that will balance out some as my energy increases from the workout and my appetite increases from burning all that energy.

All-in-all I have been more hungry the last few days, but I’ve been able to stave it off by drinking or eating pecans (I had some sunflower seeds yesterday).

I just weighed myself at 273.8 – I know some of that weight is hold over and after a few days it will melt off.

The workout was quite pleasant while I watched Prison Break (How did I not watch this when it was on TV?). The minutes for the workout seemed to fly by and before I knew it I was laying on the mat stretching (no I didn’t fall off the elliptical, it was meant to be this way).

PS – in case I haven’t mentioned it, my personal trainer is HOT!

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