3D Laser Scanner

Since I’ve decided on the 3D printer I am going to get I thought I’d then turn to the 3D Laser Scanner to get it completed before the printer arrives.

I’m using a Mac and that limits my 3D scanning to whatever I can run in parallels or a Windows machine I don’t own.

I have a PS3 camera (since the built in one won’t work with my Parallels at this time). I also have a Black&Decker AnglePro laser level that I paid way too much for using in this project, but who am I to tell innovation my laser level is too expensive.

The software I’ve been working with is DAVID (http://www.david-laserscanner.com/)

For the PS3 to work on Windows, I’ve downloaded some drivers from (http://codelaboratories.com/downloads) and installed them. I don’t know if they are the best set of drivers, but they do work.

At this point, I have been unable to scan due to the camera portion not wanting to cooperate inside of DAVID. I printed out the calibration sheets and fired up the good stuff, however, it hasn’t started working yet. So, I’m going to stop for the night and give it another go tomorrow.

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