This weekend I had a chance to sit down for a few minutes and consider that pelleted plastic would be way cheaper than filamented plastic – meaning I could buy 7.5 pounds of ABS pellets for a little more than 1 pound of filamented (extruded) ABS in 3mm or 1.75mm.

That means I will have to build or experiment with a filabot-like product in order to reduce my printing cost. It seems that no one in the area will supply extruded filament to me – at least no one I’ve contacted, yet. That means that recycling bottles, etc for 3D printing tests, and the ability to recycle prints that aren’t paid for, would be far more beneficial to me than the ability to have stock colors on hand. There may be times that I need to get a roll of colored filament, but I think we can dispense with that in the beginning.

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