A new day

Yesterday was my first day of a “real” workout.  I had intended to do a lot of different exercises, food plans, and more.  The problem was motivation.  It’s been nearly 2 months since my last post.  In that time, I could have made some good progress.  The problem has been that I have never devoted time to myself and it is very difficult to get over that issue.

I made the decision this last week to start working out.  I get bogged down with a lot of details, I’m sure I’m not the only one.  I start out with something simple: “I want to run.”  The next thing I know I’m doing research that a 10 minute run becomes 3 hours of prep (overexaggerated) and the run.  I’ve decided that I am cutting out all of the details and putting myself into one class – the follower.

My workout plan: 
When I get up do 15-20 mins on the elliptical at a fast pace with a setting of resistance between 5 and 7.
Lunch on MWF will consist of 15-20 mins of the elliptical with a resistance of 10 and the pace will be set by merely maintaining the “sweet spot” on the elliptical.
At 8 PM Sunday through Thursday P90X2.  P90X(2) contains stretching before and after.
Friday night and Saturday elliptical 15 minutes resistance of 1 at a slow pace merely to keep the legs stretched
Friday and Saturday stretching in the morning and evening (this can be stretches or yoga).

My food plan:
Cut my one 20oz Coke a day down to less than 12oz – I have been told to just get rid of it… but if you’ve ever had a nearly frozen Coke in the morning, it is delicious – I’m going to have a hard time just dumping it.  However, my eventual goal is to remove it from my diet save one “cheat” day after P90X2 is complete.  My goal in the next two weeks is to cut out Coke completely, replacing it with Tea.  When I am at home I don’t drink Coke, I drink Tea sweetened with less than a cup of sugar per pitcher (ironically, a giant Coca Cola pitcher.)
V8 – I don’t like a lot of vegetables, though I do eat them.  However, I need a snack during the day and eating a pound of baby carrots seems extensive… so V8 it is.
Chicken – grilled chicken
No carbs after 2 pm.
The rest of my food plan, I don’t know, yet – I’ll have to have my wife tell me so I can post it.

That’s about it.  I don’t want to spend hours prepping for something when Tony Horton has already done it for me.  I had really good success with P90X in Jan/Feb 2010, so I look forward to continuing on that path.  I figure that I need to kick my butt for 90 days and then I can see where I’m at.  If I had started this the last time I posted in this blog, I’d be nearly 30 days away from finishing it.  Let’s do this.

269.4 – my average has been 275 for nearly 4 years in which time I’ve dropped below 270 only 3 times (once during P90X jan/feb 2010, once about a week ago and once yesterday)
69.5″ tall
As of 13May12
38″ shoulders
49″ navel/umbilicus
46.5″ waist
54″ hips
18″ neck
40.1% Body Fat Percentage
108 lbs Body Fat
162 lbs Lean Mass

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