Day 1 – new plan P90X2 – 30May12

What happened:
I followed most of my plan – except that I was not able to eat chicken yesterday.  For dinner, I had a soy burger (that contained some beef).  I did the P90X program.  There were times that I couldn’t believe that it was taking so long, but when it was done, it seemed to take no time at all despite it was an hour long.  That’s the great thing about P90X to me; I start and before I know it the time is up.  P90X is so fast paced from exercise to exercise.  I’m told Insanity is a bullet train and P90X is a steam locomotive.  They both get the job done; they get the goods where they need to go, but once you’ve rode the bullet train, you’ll never ride the steam locomotive again.

I think after P90X I would like to do 30-60 days of Insanity.  I’ll leave that to my personal trainer.  She hasn’t started defining the plan for the post P90X workout, yet.

I did have some issues with a headache and some dizziness due to sinus pressure in my right ear and then rapid movements up and down.  There were a few exercises that I had to modify so I wasn’t popping up and down so fast.

How I feel:
I feel pretty good.  I slept great last night.  I woke up with some energy and not sluggish as normal.  My head still kind of hurts from sinus pressure.

So far today:
I have had a cold cut sandwich made by my wife.
I have had 20oz Coke

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