Day 2 – 31May12

What happened:

Yesterday, I decided not to do P90X.  It was not because I wasn’t interested in working out.  I was really wanting to work out.  However, my stomach was bothering me a little and my wife was not feeling well, so I sat with her on the couch and watched 24.  For those saying, “you could have worked out and watched 24.”  That is true.  I really wanted to work out and part of me wishes I had worked out, however, we traded last night for tonight.  My backup day is Friday, so if I miss a day then I can make it up on Friday… all is good.

How I feel:
I was not sore until late last night.  My inner thighs were a little sore.  This morning my abs and glutes are a little sore.  I’ve stretched some and that has helped.  I am both looking forward to working out and partially dreading the hour of “partial death” that comes with it.  I am more looking forward to working out than the dread of the workout.  The other good news is that I am dreading not working out more than looking forward to working out.  Let’s see if you caught that.  I am looking forward to working out, AND I am severely dreading not working out.

I had a banana then I had to eat a hamburger (soy burger with bacon) at lunch, I was very hungry and knew I wasn’t going to feel well if I didn’t eat.  I used to be able to skip eating for days at a time; as I’ve gotten older (ok the last year) I have found that I need to eat regularly.

Last night:
We had beef, chicken, or pork sandwiches with cole slaw (incl bacon).  They were delicious.  I hadn’t thought about it until just now, but I had bread with those – of which I should have remembered not to have carbs after 2.  I am unsure of how the carbs in the bread and the cole slaw affect my workouts and goal.  I do, however, need to remember not to eat carbs after 2pm.
I also ate some trail mix with raisins, m&ms, cashews and peanuts – stupid carbs

So far today:
I have done horribly this morning.  I didn’t grab any fruit, nor did I make lunch.  I thought about it after I was in the car driving.  Maybe one of these days I’ll remember before I leave the house or listen to my wife when she tells me that I could make my own lunch or asks me if I’m going to make my lunch.

So how horribly have I done.  I couldn’t find anything in the vending machine (yeah vending machine), so I grabbed two danish… After I ate them I decided to check out the contents — I ate 860 calories with those two danish.  I have also had one 20oz Coke, a V8 and the rest of my afternoon will consist of an Apple Juice and an Orange Juice (only 100% juice).

Danish = 860 Cals
20oz Coke = 240 Cal
V8 = 70 Cal
Minute Maid Apple Juice = 210 Cal
Minute Maid Orange Juice = 220 Cal

We’re having leftovers for dinner, which consists of an Alfredo sauce, but I don’t know what it is I wasn’t around Wednesday when everyone else had it.

I’m motivated.  I haven’t been motivated in over 2.5 years and even then I wasn’t so much motivated as I was just doing it – I eventually got motivated, but then other portions of life caught up and I stopped working out.

Why am I motivated?  Well, 10 years ago I was motivated to run.  I ran a lot and after 5 months I was able to run 5 minute miles for a Physical Fitness Test (PT test).  I became disenfranchised when I failed said test because I ran out of energy (long story, but I did the test the day before because I wanted to ensure I could pass, then I didn’t replenish my carbs the way I should and didn’t eat before I ran the next day and was flat out done).  I was so pissed at myself I said I wouldn’t do it again.

That didn’t answer why… the simple fact is that 2.5 years ago I saw a lot of results with P90X and I am going to continue through the full 90 days this time and not just 4-6ish weeks of it.  I am adjusting my night to ensure that I get in this workout.  I know that after the first two weeks of working out with P90X I had more energy and was able to chase my kids without getting winded.  I also lost inches (INCHES) off my waist and was fitting into clothes and also clothes becoming more loose when I stopped.  I was motivated then, but the timing wasn’t right for many reasons that included a workout time after 9-10 pm and getting up at 6am.  Exhaustion and kids were making it difficult to workout (that’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it).

And finally the why.  I’m motivated because I want to feel better, be able to keep up with my kids, not die sooner, and my wife should giggle when she sees me with a tight tshirt on — not just when I wear the Captain America Abs Tshirt.

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