Day 3 & 4 – 1Jun12 & 2Jun12

I did very well today.  I didn’t overeat and I limited my carbs (for the most part).

My inner thighs are very sore from P90X2.

I didn’t do so well keeping track of everything

Well P90X2 – Day 3 is over… Plyometrics.

Plyo is always harder the first time in a workout routine.  I remember how bad it sucked two and a half years ago and it sucked today.  However, I was able to keep up with more than half of the workout.  The parts I had a problem with were the ones where I did squats as I forgot that my knees need the glucosamine before doing too much.  When I go up stairs you can hear the popping.  The other thing that tends to destroy me is spinning and rapid ups and downs.  I have been sensitive to fast head movements for more than 15 years now and I always forget about it it until I bend over and jump back up.

I ended up eating some chicken alfredo with noodles – yeah some carbs.  I also ate the last of the cole slaw — yeah also some carbs.  I had one glass of sweet tea.

Overall, I feel great.  The workout almost stinks when you are doing it, but I always get started thinking, “man 58 minutes” then when it’s over I think “what happened to the 58 minutes?”

I weighed myself tonight instead of this morning – I was at 273.0 — I expect some fluctuation due to starting the new routine.  We’ll see what tomorrow holds

Day 4 – I rested.  I stood up most of the day, but did not eat a bunch of junk and my weight is 271.  Some of this is due to a little muscle being built, the rest is water and food.

Today, I am taking it easy as well.  I will do 15-20 mins on the elliptical.  I was going to run around with the kids outside, but it rained very heavily last night and this morning.

Later tonight, I’ll be doing the day 3 of P90X2 – I don’t know what that routine is, but we’ll see.

The most important part about this workout routine that I would like to point out is that I’m excited and dreading the workout.  Excited to do it (I feel that need like I did when I was running) and dreading it because it’s a workout – there’s more excitement than dread so we’re still good.

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