Day 5 – 3Jun12

Today went well.  I started off at 272ish and am now 271.8 –  If you haven’t noticed, I weigh myself twice a day.  I don’t do this to find out how much I’ve gained or lost, but out of OCD to keep track.  I also take the lightest one and put it into my weight trackers on my phone.

The P90X2 workout for today was Total Body + Abs.

I had some sauteed asparagus and some sauteed zucchini today with two fried eggs and 4 pieces of bacon and 1.5 slices of toast.  I also downed four glasses of sweet tea and two glasses of water.

I am still a little sore from the last workouts and was looking forward to this workout.  I was thrown off by my wife deciding not to workout with me at the last moment.  Normally any deviation causes me to not do whatever my plans were.  I decided to do them anyway.  I was also not prepared for the pullups/chin ups and some other exercises.  I did them anyway.  The workout ball was quite flat and I could not do any of the ball exercises save the chest press and 1 arm press.  I started to feel sick towards the end of the workout, so I stopped with 30 mins to spare (part of the 30 mins was stretching, so I skipped to the stretching portion and did that instead.)  I then meditated for a few minutes and calmed my mind.

During the workout routine I paused the BlueRay so I could set up the pull up bar then I did as many exercises as I could and even some that I shouldn’t have (arm fatigue with a pull up bar may not end well.)  Overall workout with opening stretches was about 45 mins.

This morning while at WalMart I almost picked up a Coke, but did not.  This is a huge improvement over the mindless grabbing of something I see that I really want.  Most of the time I don’t fight the grab and don’t even think about it a second time.  Then after I have it I may think that I shouldn’t drink it…but I bought it.  I did not have to go through that today.

I am hungry after the 45+ min workout I just did.  I’m going to eat something light and have a giant glass of water.

Tomorrow, I need to remember to pack the food that I should so I have it instead of not packing it and “finding danish.”

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