Day 7 – 5Jun12

Today was much better than yesterday.  I did not have the headache that I ended up with when I came home yesterday.  I did not take the multivitamin this morning, even though I am not sure that was the cause of the headache.

I take Zyrtec 10mg BID for allergies; Glucosamine 2tab QD for my knees (I’ve been huge for a long time, my knees pop constantly); and this morning I took one Guaifenesin and phenylephrine this morning for sinuses.

Today was a good and bad day for eating.  I had the normal breakfast sandwich (the sandwich my wife makes for my lunch that I eat for breakfast) and an apple juice.  I also had 20oz of cold Coke (I think this is going to be the thing that I’m going to have the most trouble with) and then for dinner I had only two small soft shell tacos (meat and beans with some cheese, a small dollup of sour cream and some lettuce, and guacamole) and some corn.  The bad part today: I had four slices of Dominos Pizza for lunch (at a coworkers going away party).  I knew I shouldn’t have them and I fought with myself to eat the apple and crunchy cheetos (yeah much better than the pizza;)) or go down and get a [soy-like-beef-maybe] burger no bun… I didn’t fight hard.  So I had three pepperoni and a chicken barbecue (very nice, sweet not fiery).  I also had three glasses of water and two glasses of sweet tea.

All-in-all, keeping up with myself – if I had not had the pizza, but opted for a V8 with the crunchy cheetos or something else I would feel a little better about my day, but I’m ok with how it ended.  The biggest thing to remember is how I feel about the fact that I “cheated.”

I also did the P90X2 workout Balance and Power.  After doing one week and only a few of those workouts I still noticed that I had much more power, control, and energy to do this workout.  It felt great and, again with all P90X workouts, didn’t suck so bad that I didn’t want to keep going.  This feeling, right now, is the feeling that I need to remember each day before I work out – the post workout “high.”

So, two feelings to remember: 1) slight disappointment in not sticking to my “goal” on eating for the day.  2) the post workout “high”

As for the rest, I’m a little hungry and want to eat a little something probably some peanuts.

My weight is a little higher today at 272 because of the pizza I ate.

Tomorrow, we’re having another going away lunch for the same coworker…so I’m going to hope that they pick somewhere that I can eat mostly healthy foods and not like another pizza place.

Tomorrow evening I may have my wife take measurements again to see what my one week size is.  I do not expect it to change from last weeks measurements.  Most of what I’m doing is chronicling my journey so maybe someone will find inspiration.

When I started P90X2 I did not meet the minimum requirements.  I don’t recommend that for everyone.  I know that my legs are as big as trees and after some training (meaning a couple weeks) I can leg press more than 1100 pounds.  Right now, I could probably leg press 700 pounds easy… I haul 272 pounds daily, what’s another 400?

I do feel a lot better after a week of workouts (meaning 3 or 4 that I did.)  I am also looking forward to being done so I can advance to the next step.  I would still like to add the elliptical to my workouts each day, but I’m not quite to that point, yet.  I’m almost there though.  My change will really need to be a change in attitude that I should come first and get out of bed to work the elliptical where I know I’ll feel better about the day and kick that fat burning into gear.

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