Day 8 – 6Jun12

I’d like to start by saying Thank you to all those who sacrificed their lives in France in 1944 (  Ever since 9/11/01 and then my return from Iraq I get very emotional about patriots and their service to my country.

I started off the day weighing about 272 or so.  This is an acceptable weight for the time being… next week, it will be a lot less as we see the pounds melt off.  In less than a month I will weigh about 255 or so…just sayin’ I’ll celebrate a lot.  I would have seen a huge reduction in weight by now save three things: 1) pizza yesterday 2) 20oz coke 5 days a week (and some sweet tea in the eve) 3) I’m sure there’s something else I’m forgetting.

Today, I feel great.  Sore, but great!  I’m ready for tonights workout even though we’re a half hour late to begin.

Today is P90X2 Day 7: Rest or X2 Recovery and Mobility

I was off thinking Day 8 being the 8th day I’ve worked out and that would mean X2 Core… it is not the case.  Dangit!  Well, I’m going to do some part of a workout even if it’s 30 min elliptical at a higher intensity or something.

So today:
20oz Coke
breakfast burrito (made by my wife)
no snacks
2 apple juices (15oz)
one Dr Pepper (lunch)
one burger containing bacon, cheese and two burgers (I didn’t order it that way it just came that way)  Today was abnormal in a coworkers last day was today so we went out to lunch with him to Rib Crib

I have not eaten dinner, yet.  I had some trail mix to keep me going until after my workout.  I don’t know what’s for dinner, yet.

All in all, better day, I need to cut out the coke and push more water.  Otherwise, I’m liking how things are going.  I’m not as exhausted, but still tired at times.  My sinuses seem to be clear today.

Tomorrow, X2 Core — tonight, I think I’m going to relax with my wife and then tomorrow regret that I didn’t do the elliptical.  I will try my best to get up in the morning and do the elliptical – by try, I’ll have to set my alarm.

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