Day 9 – 7Jun12 – measurements

Today’s workout was P90X2 X2 Core — one of my three favorites of those I’ve done, so far in the P90X2 series.  Anything that I can do to workout my legs and burn my abs a little makes me happy.

Today’s workout was much better than last weeks.  I was able to do more exercises than last week (meaning more reps and more types.)  A very good workout.

20oz Coke
15.5 oz Apple Juice
15.5 oz Orange Juice
12oz V8
12oz V8
a sandwich (made by my wife this morning)
a small baggie of baby carrots

I did ok.  My trainer has talked to me about replacing Coke with Juice and that I need to eat more solids and not just get my fruits and veggies via a can or bottle (so much for the vodka centrum diet;))

Measurement night… good stuff.

on 13May12 I took measurements with my trainer –

13May12 7Jun12
weight 270 272
navel 49 48.5
waist 46.5 48
hips 54 52.5
neck 18 17.5
You can see that my waist got a little bigger… I think that is a faulty measurement either last time or this time.  In any case, you can see that there were some changes since the measurements 3 weeks ago (and only one week of P90X2.)  You’ll see that my weight is a little larger than it was, but it’ll come down in the next week or so.  We’ll see it go down to 265 or lower.
After one week of workouts I feel great…sometimes tired, but great!

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