Day 2 – 15 Jan 13

It says Day 2, but it’s the first day of my actual workout schedule.

I was completely not prepared for this morning at 6:45…and it was crappily cold in my room which made it extremely hard to get out of bed.  I did run up and down the stairs a few times for my workout. I did not do the plan for p90x2 like I had wanted to.

I did make changes to my diet though.  I ate my oatmeal this morning with a whole lot less butter and a whole lot less sugar (1tbs and 2 tsp, respectively.)  For lunch I didn’t eat; however, I did have carrots and almonds for a lunchish-like thing.  I had some cheese sticks for a snack at some point.

For dinner, I sucked…I had a 32oz coke and a Double Quarter Pounder from McDonald’s.  I kind of forgot about what I was doing today…however, I haven’t eaten at McDonald’s in around 6 months.

So, I did ok, and sucked at the same time.

When I get stressed out I forget to workout.  Today, I finished something for work and feel a lot less stressed.  When I get stuck on something and I’ve told someone I plan to have it done by a specific time, I do everything I can to make that happen…which is part of what I said yesterday in my journal entry – I need to remember to take time for me.

Tomorrow, I start anew and will attempt to get up and workout.  I may do 20-40 on the elliptical in the morning while watching Airwolf… then save Tony “Effing” Horton and Insanity for my noon or 4:15 workouts.

I also plan to eat more snacks and figure out what the heck I’m actually going to eat including V8 for the afternoon snack.

For supplements, I’m about done with the 14 day detox and began taking magnesium.  When the detox is complete, I’ll begin taking the multivitamin, coconut oil, and fiber.  Once I get into heavy workouts I’ll do the coral calcium and some other supplements that my personal trainer recommend.

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