Day 36? – 19 Feb 13

Well, I started my next phase last month, and then I was attacked by the flu and a pulled back muscle at the same time.  That may well have been the four greatest days of my life.  I’ve had a lot of stress lately from my personal life (someone I did business with, but they don’t care enough to make things right) from the last year; so i’ll be taking care of that.

I’ve been eating like crap lately.  I’ve been doing somewhat better; but I’ve found that when I get stressed out I tend to eat more of the foods that release endorphins…If I’m really stressed out and eating carrots, well, I’m healthy, but really stressed out.  I went to the doctor on Friday to work on taking care of that.

The bad news is that without Coke I can’t concentrate enough to get work done.  It may be psychological or it may be a real reaction to drinking Coke for more than 20 years.  In any case, I need to be able to concentrate without Coke; my final vice.

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