Seedstudio TFT Touch Shield + Arduino MEGA

I was having some issues with my Touch Shield displaying content.  It worked just fine capturing touch, but not displaying graphics.

The first thing I did was go to:

In the first paragraph is a link to the Adafruit Touch Screen Library to download.

At the bottom is a link to the TFT Touch Shield to download.

I downloaded both libraries.  I unzipped both and put the resulting files in my Arduino -> Resources -> libraries directory — so I now have a libraries -> TFT and a libraries -> TouchScreen directories.

The only other step that I needed to make to display graphics was open the TFT->TFT.h and change the #define SEEDUINO to #define MEGA on about line 33 of the file.

Once that was complete, I fired up my Arduino with the Touch Shield and everything worked.

One final note, I encountered someone who didn’t know how to place the TFT on their Arduino.  The screen should overlap the USB connector on a Mega.  it looks odd, but the TFT doesn’t cover up the reset button.

There are some cool and interesting Touch Screen examples included.

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