Day 51 – 5 Mar 13

I would like to tell you that I’ve been working out, eating right and have lost 20 pounds.  I have finally made time during the day to eat right and even time during lunch to workout.  I’ve been making that time because if I don’t then I’ll never have the time; I’ll always let work rule when I can eat and workout.  I’ve been averaging 15 mins on my elliptical daily during the last week.  The weeks before were 20-40 mins daily on the elliptical.  I’ve cut out almost every processed food except cheese and Coke…and those are about to go away again.

Tomorrow I will declare as Day 1 (part 3.)  I have a goal to be between 190 and 210 by October that’s 10 pounds a month.  My goal is to lose weight, which should mean that I’ll be healthier as well (through a better diet and exercise.)
This isn’t the first time I’ve been on this course.  As a matter of fact, since 1997, I’ve been struggling with working out, weight, and more…but it wasn’t until I started taking Zoloft in Iraq for OCD that my weight ballooned from 195 to 265.
I’ve asked my wife for support; and I’ve asked my personal trainer to put together a plan that involves, but not limited to:
  • foods (and times of day to eat)
  • supplements (and times of day)
  • workouts (insanity, elliptical, p90x2 and times of day)
Again, since this isn’t the first time I have a lot of experience with what hasn’t worked and what seems to work for me.  What does work is Insanity and P90X.  Not for “muscle confusion” but for ADD brain occupation.  I must not have time to think about what I’m doing or I’m going to get distracted.
In any case, tomorrow I start day 1 and my trek into a smaller, more healthy, and more fit me.  I like who I am, I am just not happy with not feeling well and that I can’t chase my kids around the lawn or even run up the stairs without getting out of breath.  And I look fantastic as Fat Elvis.

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