New prints

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything about prints.  I’ve just not had the time that I used to.  It’s taken a few more months than expected to make some modifications and get some printing done.

One of the modifications was adding threaded screw inserts to stabilize the heightened bed.  With the bed stabilized I now only need some LED lights and a fan to cool.  Since I don’t have a fan right now I have slowed the prints down.

I found that with my Printrbot I have made some modifications to the printing cycle:
1 – remove the reset all axes command from the gcode
2 – have the z axis reset and when it hits the board hit the z end stop manually
3 – move the z axis up manually until it’s at the right height then hit the z end stop manually again
4 – slowed print speed to 30mm/s to compensate for heat distribution (so as not to warp the print)

If I don’t follow these steps then the print rips apart and the plastic scrapes apart.

It appears, after half the layers have printed that the fan is definitely needed.  That will be my next print work.

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