TRX – W3D1 – and Memorial Day Weekend

I did not workout much this weekend at all.  My bike arrived on Saturday and I assembled it.  It rained a lot and I didn’t ride Saturday.  Sunday I spent an hour testing my bike out and getting used to how it rides.  Monday (Memorial Day) I took it on a ride with the kids around the OTC trail.  I adjusted my brakes and was able to ride smoothly.  I ate ok, not great.  I had a 12 pack of Coke from Friday to Tuesday am.  I had pizza Saturday night, but by Monday I didn’t want any pizza at all and stuck with meat and veggies.  Pizza actually sounded really bad (and it’s never sounded bad in my life).

I also had some unexpected news this weekend when I taped myself.  I started at 49.8″ waist and am now at a 48.5″ waist.  My hips started at 52.5″ and are now 51.5″.  All of that is TRX – I had no “losses” before I started building muscle.

I feel great after completing W3D1.  I was a little concerned since I took 3 days off, but came back a little more powerful than I thought.

Low Row to Chest Press – these are extremely difficult for me.  My TRX is hanging down from a 10.5′ ceiling and the distance to get from the row to press is expansive.  I had to shuffle forward to get under the anchor and then could only do one press at that low height.  I need to figure out a way to modify this so it’s easier on my setup, but still get the correct workout.

Pull-up – I absolutely went in thinking I wouldn’t be able to do one.  I did three each round.  I was absolutely floored.  I cannot do a full pullup on a pullup bar, but I can do a seated pullup – and that’s impressive.  I can’t mark this off of my goals, yet – I can mark down that I’m able to do a 2/3 pull-up.

Hip Abductions – this may be the first time I’ve done Hip Abductions without having to stop and put my butt down.  That’s also impressive to me

Body Saw – kabam!  I did all 12 both rounds on  my elbows.  I attempted a full arm set but my abs and arms were worn out.

Inverted Row – these are what I used to do that I called Aussie Pullups.  I haven’t done these in about 4 weeks now so they were a lot harder than I thought they’d be.  I was able to get the 10 done that I set out to do, but I couldn’t do more than that.

Side Plank – also pushed through all 40seconds (10s x 4) on each side without dropping.  I could not do the TRX (level 2) so I stuck with level 1.  I tried level 2 and kept falling over.

Clock Press – these looked hard – they were not.  I had a lot of weight on these and they were very smooth.

Power Pull – I did level 2.  I thought level 2 would be very hard.  It was not.

Burpee – I cannot do these on the TRX.  I still have too much belly fat that gets in the way.  When I move my leg slightly to get it out of the way so I can go down to the floor I end up falling over.  So I just do the one leg on the floor and alternate for the reps of level 1.  My arms were way too exhausted by this point to do a pushup.

Resisted Torso Rotation – difficult by the end, but not horrible.  I was able to accomplish them all

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