Arduino Mega put bootloader on different Arduino Mega

At one time I was attempting to upload TFTP bootloader to my Arduino Mega.  Something happened during that upload (partially b/c the bootloader can’t be uploaded via my pocket programmer) and the power went out on the programmer and I bricked my Mega.

On your Master Mega –

  1. load the ArduinoISP sketch from the Examples
  2. change the Programmer to Arduino as ISP

Then connect the pins below to connect the Master Mega to the Slave Mega.

I’ve included the pins to connect the master to the slave.

Master Slave
50 50
51 51
52 52
53 Reset
5v 5v
gnd gnd

one final note: you MUST put the 100nF capacitor between the Reset and the 5v on the Master Mega or you’ll get a failure each time.

Then plug in the Master Mega and then Tools -> Burn Bootloader.

I received an error at the end – I’m not sure why, exactly this happened, but I ignored it.
avrdude: verification error, first mismatch at byte ….

I unplugged both Megas from each other and put the blink sketch on the Slave Mega and it worked.

Here’s another version of the tutorial that I found while working on fixing my Mega

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