W8J1 – W4D1 (W2D0)

50 days no Coke and 49 days juicing.

measurements two weeks ago:
weight: 273.6
neck: 16
thighs: 31.5

measurements this week:
weight: 272
neck: 16.5
thighs: 30.5

This last week has been nuts. I started kicking my ass during workouts (more than normal) and have ended up unable to move much at all afterwards.
I have been doing caliper readings about every week as well as measurements.
I started at 35% body fat and 175 pounds of lean body mass

25 days later I am at 32% body fat and 182 pounds lean body mass.

I’m going to go to one of my former trainers and have him do measurements every week or two so I have someone who does them more often than my wife do the measurements.
I’m quite excited about all of the changes.
This week I’m adding some lower back and ab exercises to my routines this week to strengthen my back and abs and hopefully decrease my mid section.

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