W8J2 – W4D2 (W2D1)

The scales tipped at 271 this morning.  After the weekend, I usually have some weight gain b/c I have my cheat day either Saturday or Sunday – in this case about 4 pounds of cheat still remains (and probably some muscle gain too).  Tomorrow I’ll probably drop down to 268-269 then Wed I’ll drop back to 266-267.

I did go ahead and do calipers this morning.

Yesterday’s measurements were: chest 36mm, belly 38mm, thigh 42mm = 32% body fat
Today’s measurements were: chest 32mm, belly 32mm, thigh 42mm = 30% body fat

This goes to show you that the measurements are either off [for two measurements] by a pencil eraser or I’m 4mm smaller today than yesterday.  This also goes to show why I think having another source for measurements is important.  If I have them measuring they’re going to measure the same way each time where I might measure one way and my wife might measure another way.  In any case, I still like the measurements and with these next 10 workouts I’m sure I’ll see a lot more progress.  I remember what my progress was like with TRX 12 weeks before – and that was drinking Coke – this is without.

These next 10 days (including today) are going to be primarily juice (no cheat days) and I have some extra apples.  I’m still going to have BCAAs and protein shakes as well as load up on water.  However, I will not be eating any other solid foods.  This will be an all vegetarian 10 days and 95% of that juice.

My workout today took longer than I thought it would.  I was able to pump it up a little bit as well as add a few new ab exercises so I could kick my belly too.

Today’s workout:
Pull Up prep (one circuit):
Pull Up [bar] – attempt 5 pullups – pulled shoulders up 1-2″
incline plank 2x10s
incline press (1-leg down) 8
Dips (parallettes) 15
Pike (8-10) 10
Jump and Hold (pull up bar) 5x5s

Abs (3 circuits):
completed one set – need to finish up later
Hinge 15
Suspended crunches 0
mtn climber 0
pendulum 0
standing body crunch 15
body saw 0

Pull Up Program:
completed one set – need to finish up later
TSpine Rotation 5
Pull Up 0
side plank 0
body saw 0

TRX Force
complete each section then rest and do it again before moving to the next section (two circuits)
Squat Row 15
Chest Press 15
Plank 4x10s
Hip Abduction 15

Squat 15
Row LMH 15
Triceps curl 15
Side Plank 3x10s

Biceps Curl 15 (L3)
Hamstring Curl 15
Spiderman 8ea leg – could not do one – did 16 pushups

I ran out of time today to do the other exercises marked as zero (0) – as well, some of the exercises, specifically those where my legs are suspended and put strain on my back were stopped because I need to get more stretching in.  If I can’t use my back or I injure it then I can’t do any workouts.  I need to workout for the next 10 days.

Later tonight, I’ll complete all of the sets and circuits I didn’t complete at lunch.

I haven’t been posting how I feel during the workouts like I used to (like “doing body saws was hard”).  For the most part, the exercises I do are the max I could do at that time.
Like the Row LMH I do 15 of those, but I have to stop every 5 or so to give my shoulders a little break.
Planks I was able to do without trouble – though in the 2nd circuit my arms were a bit shakey.
Side planks were much more comfortable to do today than they have been.
Pikes were ok.  I had to stop after 4 to rest for a second, but I did them all without any other issues.
Incline Plank – I held straight without any issues
Incline Press – These were a little harder today.  I’ll either do 16 tomorrow or increase the angle.
Dips – I’ll probably stick with 15 for now – though I could do 2 circuits
Jump and Holds were a bit rough at the end of the 5th one.  I’ll stick with 5 for now.
Hamstring Curls were rough as well.  I was having problems keeping everything up today.  the last time I did them i didn’t have that problem.
Spidermans – I was able to do 1 each leg a week or more ago, now I can’t do a single one.  Mostly because by the time I get to them my arms give out.  I could try doing these first tomorrow and see how I do.  Instead, I did 16 pushups with my arms extended out and knees on the ground.  If I have pushups again I’ll do 8 regular pushups in a plank position and build up from there.

I was behind today and therefore didn’t juice this morning (in addition to having a sick kid).  I did steal some apple juice boxes (100% juice) to make up for it.  I finally juiced for tomorrow.  I am going to skip the 2nd workout and plan tomorrows workout accordingly.

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