W8J3 – W4D3 (W2D0) – W8J4 – W4D4 (W2D2)

Tuesday 27Jan14
I noticed that I didn’t think I really worked out my abs yesterday, but they were a bit sore today.

I started off with some hanging leg lifts (which hurt my hands quite a bit) and some pull up practice.  Once I got to the incline planks and incline presses my nose started bleeding and didn’t stop.  I finished the planks and presses then cleaned up the mess and stopped the bleeding.

Wed 28Jan14
Today’s workout was intense – even more than normal.  I did completely kick my ass again AND I only accomplished half of my workout.

Upper Body daily set (1x)
Pull Up [bar] 5x
Incline Plank 2x10s
incline press 8 (1 leg down)
dips (parallettes) 15
jump and hold 5x5s

Abs daily set (1x)
Hinge 15
Suspended Crunch 0
mtn climber 0
pendulum 0
standing body crunch 15
hanging leg raise 15

Feel Good Full Body (Lower) (2x)
Abducted Lunge 15
Jumping Jacks 50
Lunge 15
Jump Rope 50
Balance Lunge 15

At 46 mins I had to stop my workout.  My lower back was hurting a little and I may or may not have the flu.  Later tonight, I’ll do the Suspended Crunch, Mountain Climber, and Pendulum from above and the entire TRX Force workout below.

TRX Force (W2D2)
Hip Press 15
Overhead Back Ext 15
Lunge 0
Pike 10
Sprinter Start 15
Side Lunge 15
Hamstring Runner 15
Body Saw 10
Half Kneeling Rollout 5 each side
Burpee 8 each
Y Fly to T Fly 15

well, I ran out of energy 20 minutes into the workout.

I accomplished:
suspended crunch 15
mtn climber 15 (alternating)
pendulum 2 each side
Hip Press 15 (2x)
Pike 15 (2x) – by the end of this I couldn’t hold myself up and fell to the floor (no injuries)
Sprinter Start 15 each leg

That was it.  I couldn’t do anything else.  Tomorrow I’m going to increase my allotted time for my workout to 90 minutes and see how much I get through.

The ab exercises felt really good.  I was surprised at how well I was holding myself up and how little my back was hurting compared to this morning.

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