W8J5 – W4D5 (W2D3)

I was not well overnight.  I have a sore throat, major sinus pressure, and a horrific headache.  My son was over here for a couple of days with the flu and the same symptoms.  I did manage to get about 7 hours of sleep before I woke up at 5 and was awake for good.  I was dreading going to the scale b/c I was sure I had some extra weight going on and I felt horrible.

My weight is the same: 266.8 (7 pounds left to beat my goal!).  I decided to do some measurements to see where I am (approximately) mid-week.  I’m doing quite well.  My sizes have decreased another half to one whole inch.  Calipers are mm smaller on each measurement.  If I measured correctly then I’ve gained about a pound of muscle in about 4 days.  At my weight I could gain approximately 4 pounds of muscle a day.  I’m ok with not gaining a lot, I’d rather see the fat fall off.  I don’t think my measurements are correct, which is why I’m scheduling an appointment with my former trainer to get accurate measurements.  I’m a lot stronger.  Last night I was doing moves on the TRX that a month ago (see W4D5 in the title) I couldn’t do very well at all.

Today’s workout plan (ETA 90+ minutes):
My Pull Up plan (1x)
Pull Up 5x
Incline Plank 2x10s
Incline Press 8 (with one leg down)
Dips 15
Jump and Hold 5x5s

My Ab plan (2x)
Hinge 15
Suspended Crunch 15
Mountain Climber 15
Pendulum 3 each direction
Standing Body Crunch 15

TRX Pull Up Program (4x)
Inverted Row 15
Wall Slides 15
Low Row – Biceps Curl – Y Fly 15
Pike 10-15
Squat Row 15

TRX Force (2x)
Squat Row
Chest Press
Plank 4x10s
Hip Abduction 15
Squat 15
Row LMH 15
Triceps Curl 15
Side Plan 3x10s
Biceps Curl L3 15
Hamstring Curl 15
Spiderman Push Up 8 each side

I’m not really doing well on my hourly mini workouts.  I need to do more incline pushups (like 10 an hour or something) and maybe something to do with the parallettes.

I did everything on my list except I only did one of the TRX Pull Up Program.  After the last one this week I’ll probably drop those from the list and then add them back in after the 12 weeks is done.

I lost my energy most of the way through.  I don’t know why this time, normally it’s a pretty solid energy level – but not today.  I need to figure out what I want to do to add more energy to my workout.  I have been saving the apple shavings from juicing so maybe I’ll eat some of those a half hour or so before I workout.

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