W8J7 – W4D7 (W2D0)

Yesterday was quite the day.  I hit a new weight low at 265.6 – 6 pounds to meet my goal!  I did not workout.  I know I said “10 days I need to kick my own ass.” but I was not with it yesterday.  I’ve been quite dehydrated lately due to this head-cold-flu.  I will workout today and kick my own ass.  I need to make sure I have enough energy to do so.  I also had a cheat meal of a Chicken Grilled Stuft XXL burrito, some Mozzarella sticks (with marinara) and a footlong coney with cheese and chili.  None of them were worth it.  I shouldn’t have eaten any of them.  I feel bad pysically and mentally (guilt).  I’m so close to my goal I felt like that was a sabotage maneuver…jackass!  So, I’ve decided today I won’t even have any olives – I’ll stick with all juices and water.

Today has been 56 days since I last had a Coke (really any soft drink) or anything other than juice, water, vegan protein shake, or BCAAs.

My pants are so loose I’ve had to start wearing a belt again – which makes my pants look like I’ve cinched them with rope.  I can’t wait to buy new clothes that fit right.

I did not get in my workout today.  I spent the entire day working on my book and running around with kids.

Yesterday and today I’ve gained about 6 pounds from the different foods I’ve eaten.  As soon as I “eliminate” then I’ll lose all of that weight.

I’m calling Monday to schedule an appointment with my trainer and his company to do full measurements.  I’m going to continue going to them to do measurements until I’ve reached my goals.

I’m very close to my goal now.  I can feel it and I’m not giving up now.

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