Two months off

Two months ago I didn’t intend to take a long break from workouts.  When life gets in my way, my workouts and diet go out the window.  In this case I had just finished 60 days of juicing and felt great.  I’m ready to get back to workouts, however, a month ago I wanted to see what would happen if I just kind of ate well for a month then crappy for another month.

Within a week or so of stopping juicing my weight went from 260 to 268 or so and has hovered there for the last two months.  Today, after a few days of pain following a motorcycle crash (ok I hit some gravel and slid on my side a short distance) I’ve gone from 268 to 276 – following my intestinal cycle, I’ll probably lose that over the next couple of days (just a little constipated).

measurement location 16Mar15 22Apr15
neck 16 16.5
waist 46 46.5
hips 50.5 50.25
chest 42.3 41
thighs 28.8 29
caliper chest 28 30
caliper abs 34 36
caliper thigh 34 30

Other than my weight you can see there isn’t too much of a difference in size.  The most important part to me isn’t physical.  I’d love to be at 260 b/c I think I feel better there but that’s probably bc I ate much better getting to 260.  However, I saw the scale at 276 this morning and didn’t freak out.  I still see myself as weighing 260 I’ve just added a couple pounds that will come off easily.  That’s a completely different thought process than “I weigh 276 and I’ll never make it to 260”.  That’s a huge win for me.
Experiment over.  I’ve accomplished what I wanted and found out the answers that I needed to know.  I still fit into my clothes that I did (my jeans are slightly tighter, but I’m essentially the same size as I was 2 months ago and that’s encouraging.  I didn’t balloon back up to 286 and look like I weigh 286 – that’s all good stuff for me.
So what are my next steps?  Well, I started Sunday by getting back to a “normal” diet for me which is now water 10-12x a day, whole foods (mostly vegetables and less meat), and some juices (occasional v8).  I’ll be spending the rest of this week getting my body adjusted and hydrating my intestines to get things flowing correctly again.
Starting Monday, I’ll be doing two different workouts through the day.  My wife challenged me to: 333 squats, 333 pushups, 333 crunches each day (approx 10000 over 30 days).  I’ve still got my workout which is 5 pullups, 3x10s plank, 8 incline presses, 15 dips, 5x5s jump and hold, 15 hanging leg raises, 25 jumpropes — which I’ll do every hour for 8-9 hours a day.
Each hour a day for 8-12 hours:
27-41 squats
27-41 crunches
27-41 pushups
5 pullups
3x10s plank
8 incline presses
15 dips
5x5s jump and hold
15 hanging leg raises
10-25 jump ropes
This should give me about 5-10 minutes of workout every hour.  If I have to drop anything it’ll be the crunches and pushups, but we’ll see how this goes.  My focus is still the last 7 exercises not the first 3.  My overall goal is 40-60 minutes of workout through the day.

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