One Month off

I hadn’t intended to take nearly a month off from workouts – the intense workouts not just walking.  Many factors contributed to this break the primary reason was sickness and role change.  The role change was in my company, I took a week off to finish up the last push then I got sick and hadn’t fully recovered until last week.  Last week, I spent the work week attempting to get caught up so I could go out of town.

Today, is the first day back to a real workout and modifying my food.  I think I’m going to go back to juice.  I felt great with it and never felt hungry.  I was losing weight and I felt great (I just wanted to mention that twice).

My workouts through the week are going to be essentially the same.  I may go back to the Pull Up Program and the Feelgood workouts like I was doing, but for now I’m going to do a single workout that combines the exercises I have a problem doing.  I’m also adjusting my workout so every hour has the same 5 workouts.  Every hour I need to take a break from work and get away from my desk.  I’m horrible about that.  So I’ve decided to set my alert and every hour I’ll take a 5 minute break and do the same 5 exercises and amounts.  These particular exercises are for improving shoulder, chest, shoulder, and core strength with the primary result being a pull up, hand stand/decline pushup, etc.

My daily workout is going to include 30-60 minutes of stationary bike riding, for now.  As the weather gets better and better I’ll adjust that to trail riding and hiking.  I don’t want to spend hours working out each day (in a row).  I do want to get in at least 30 minutes of workout 5 days a week.  My goal is 60 minutes 5 days a week.  Those estimates are not including 5 minutes every hour for 8-10 hours a day (which would be between 40 and 50 minutes of additional calisthenics a day).  So from my totals, you’re seeing 30-60 minutes of bike/hike workout, 30-60 minutes of calisthenics, and 40-50 minutes of calisthenics.  That’s quite a big of workout.  Depending on how these go, I may end up breaking them down to something else.  An example would be 30-60 minutes bike/hike workout, and 40-50 minutes calisthenics (hourly), and then 30 minute workout of the Pull Up Program and Feel Good Full Body Workout.

The TRX Force workouts are good, but way too much for me.  I did the 12 week program last year and by the end I was just ready to not workout again.  My diet was messed up, my workouts were messed up.  I was excited in the beginning, but as I went through I just kept getting depressed.  Part of that is that I think “hey I can add more and more” until finally I can’t do any (or don’t want to do any).  I want to add just enough that I feel good, still get stronger, and don’t feel like I don’t want to workout.  I think this new plan will do just that.

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