Well, what can I say?  Last week was horrific.  One blog entry and that was on Sunday – then nothing else.  Some measurements are the same, some are bigger.  It’s been horrible.  I feel the backslide. This is all part of the therapy process – my brain is resisting change… it’ll happen this week.

Last week, I saw a Hypnotist for some issues.  I’ve helped others with hypnosis and now was the time to do so for myself.  It worked wonders.  I had intense anxiety about some different events over the weekend – I was able to reduce that anxiety to almost nothing and by the time I had finished with my anchors the anxiety was completely gone.

This week, I’m working on those issues that arose b/c I was focused on one set of issues last week and seem to have dropped the other issues I also needed help with but didn’t deal with.

27Jul15 17Aug15 23Aug15 6Sep15 14Sep15
weight 285 282 283 285 287
neck 16.25 16.25 16.5 16.25 16.25
chest 42.75 42 43 42 43
navel 50.75/49.25 47.5 47.5 47 47.75
hips 51.5 51.75 51.5 51.5 51.5
thigh 29.75 28.75 29.25 29 29.5
caliper chest 38 38 38 40 42
caliper abs 44 42 42 38 44
caliper thigh 40 36 38 38 42

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